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At Grassland Ranch we place horsemanship along with companionship together at the most important level in owning a horse. What does this mean? It means first knowing how to communicate to your horse effectively so that he/she knows what you are asking them to do and then asking them to do it. Knowing how to communicate with your horse when asking them to complete patterns, tasks, or obstacles will help you be more successful with your horse and develop a lasting and safe relationship.

Often times folks have problems with horses when the horse is not sure of what they are being asked to do. This can cause the horse, rider, or both to be put into a dangerous situation where they are subject to getting hurt. The horse is doing one of two things: He is doing what he thinks he is supposed to do, or he is doing what he thinks he has to do to survive. -Ray Hunt-

If you are having problems with your horse or you are planning to purchase a horse and would like to take horsemanship/training lessons we would love to help you. Our private lessons are $40/hour by appointment and are catered to your horses needs. 

"You will be amazed at how far you can get with a horse in just 15 minutes when the horse begins to understand what you are asking." -- Andy Blalock

When you call Andy at Grassland you will receive a free consultation and advice for you and your horses needs. There are no obligations, however if you would like to schedule a private lesson with you, your horse, and Grassland Trainer or one of the Grassland horses you are welcome to do so. Lessons can be catered but are not limited to:

--Aggressive Behavior
--Pushy horse
--Horse trying to lead the owner
--Ground Work
--Riding Instruction
--Asking horse to complete tasks
--Teaching horse to back while on the ground or on the back
--Teaching the horse to side pass
--Teaching the horse to counter arc
--Teaching the horse to take leads
--Teaching the horse vertical and lateral flexion
--Teaching the horse flying lead changes

It is really amazing what a horse will do for you if he understands what you want. And it is also quite amazing what he will do to you if he doesn't 
-Bill Dorrance.-
Private Lesson Horsemanship/Training
(With you and your horse or a Grassland Horse)


Call Andy: 931-722-0968
Horse Training

Disciplines: Focus on Barrel Racing & Pole-Bending


 Basic Riding to include training the horse to lope circles left and right, take flying lead changes, neck rein, sliding stop, backing, side pass, counter arc, ride trails.

While at the ranch the horse will receive top quality care. The owner will supply feed and hay or we can feed ours for an additional cost. Your horse is fed twice a day, stalled, and exercised and/or ridden daily.

Transportation is not a problem as we can transport your horse to and from the ranch.

Transport: $1/mile round trip (Multiple horse discount)

Training: $650/month (Includes Grain and Pasture)